Sarah Weaver

I am an oil painter, specialising in palette knife and rag work. Having exhibited extensively over years in both solo and group exhibitions, I am mainly interested in creating around the theme of the Tasmanian environment, in particular, seas and trees! I hope my emotional response to our surrounds conveys itself effectively to those viewing my work, and over the years have found myself now leaning to more abstract, textured and glazed work.

I really enjoy sharing the experience I have gained over the years at Jackson Studio, which is at my home in Hobart. Adult art workshops in small groups and one off art sessions are available wherever you are on your artist’s journey - no experience necessary. Please see my Facebook page for more information - or email me at

My activities include:

Thanks kindly for your interest.

"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still, a beautiful world"